Thank you for trusting in us to meet your shipping needs. Our primary goal as your freight supplier is to provide, the customer, with such an unparalleled shipping experience that an alternative is never a consideration. Customer service and professionalism are featured in our core values and as such we always try our utmost to ensure that these highly regard values, are represented in the service we offer to you, our valued customer.


We are a company that specialises in freight forwarding via Air and Ocean. Our operations are currently based out of the US, specifically out of the state of Florida. You may be wondering “What is freight forwarding”, as the name suggest, we receive items on your behalf at our US warehouse and forward them to Trinidad. When your items arrive locally we then go about clearing these items through customs and excise and then deliver them to your door.

In an effort to ensure that we can deliver on our service promises there are some guidelines that we require you to follow which will assist us, in providing you, with a hassle free shipping experience! Please refer to our service guide along with our terms and conditions


868 Packages would like to advise that any use of the service offered i.e. either air or ocean shipments will be considered as an agreement to the company’s terms and conditions and as a result the customer and their items/ packages are subject to the company’s policies as detailed below.


Your box I.D # is a specific number that is issued to you upon your successful registration with the company. This number assists us in identifying that a package belongs to you and is very important if your item is to be shipped out on time.

Your Box I.D # is as important as having your name on your package and as a consequence it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that all items are shipped to our US warehouse with your box I.D # being present.

Failure to comply with this instruction may result in delays in receiving packages as we will have to verify ownership of packages before they are shipped out.

You should always ensure that not just your box I.D# is present but your information is entered properly.


FIG.1 Please be advised that your Box I.D # should be used by yourself ONLY and should remain confidential.


We offer the following freight services to all customers:

  1. Your very own U.S address where you can have your items shipped. At our warehouse we receive items on your behalf from various suppliers and prepare these items to be shipped out to Trinidad. We currently have three shipments weekly which we will clear and deliver to your door. N.B please ensure that your shipping information is entered as shown in fig.1 and your box I.D # is present.

868 Packages will not be held liable for any packages delivered to our warehouse without any tracking information and or signature confirmation from any of the reputable U.S carriers e.g. USPS, UPS, FEDEX, DHL, LAZERSHIP, etc.

  • In addition to our air freight services we also offer Ocean freight services, giving you, the customer, more options and flexibility when it comes to shipping. To request this option however we will require an email to be sent to our company email address. This email should be sent as soon as the item is purchased and it is also very important that an invoice accompanies the email request. Please be advised that all ocean items without accompanying invoices will be held at our warehouse until a supplier’s invoice can be produced. Additionally we require the ocean request to be made BEFORE your items arrive at the U.S warehouse, if this is not done then all items will be sent via air by default.
  • “No Credit Card, no problem”, we can source items for you and purchase them on your behalf. This service includes both items for domestic and industrial use and will have a 10% charge on the cost of the item plus any inland shipping fees incurred to get the items to our U.S warehouse. The total cost of purchasing and shipping the item i.e. the landed cost will be calculated and we will require a 50% down payment for both domestic items and industrial items, to initiate the ordering and shipping process. Any requests of this nature must be done via email with the customer sending a proper link to the item they wish to purchase.
  • Ocean services the only difference in charges will be the freight calculation, as the industry dictates that all items shipped via ocean be based on volumetric weight. “What’s volumetric weight, you might ask,’’ well this is simply a calculated weight of a package based on the items packaging dimensions. Volumetric weight is calculated as follows in cubic feet (ft3): say an item has dimensions of 30’’length, 20’’width and 30’’hight the ft3 of that item would be: 30 x20 x30 / 1728 = 10.42 ft3 . This total would be applied to the relevant rate as detailed in our ocean rates scheduled and the various other charges will be applied where applicable, as detailed earlier.


Our company insurance policy is formulated with the customer in mind and is divided into two categories that cover all items shipped with 868 packages. They are as follows:

  1. Items covered under  the standard insurance policy will be as follows:

This policy will apply to all items shipped with 868 Packages with the exception of items that are deemed to be fragile e.g. Televisions, Glassware of all kinds, etc. or items in excess of 50lbs in chargeable shipping weight.

 The insurance charge for items falling under the standard insurance policy will be US$1 per package and will be applied on all generated invoices.

  • Items not covered under the Standard insurance policy
  • The items not covered under the standard insurance policy include any item in excess of 50lbs in chargeable shipping weight. The insurance charge for these items will be 5% of the inland cost of the items. I.e. the total suppliers invoice
  • The policy handling the shipping of items deemed as fragile will be a 5% charge of the inland cost of the items. I.e. the total suppliers invoice WITH THE EXCEPTION of televisions which will have an additional cost of US$20.00 to ensure that the Television is working upon receipt and for additional packing to secure the television for shipping.

Televisions that exceed 60 inches will have to crated and shipped via ocean.



Our Opening hours would be from 9:00am to 5:00pm form Monday to Friday and 10:00am to 3:00pm on Saturdays. At our pick up areas we have several payments methods available for customer’s linx, credit card and cash. We do accept cheques but on a conditional basis, please refer to the section on Acceptable Payment Methods for more information.

All customers should be advised that any package left at our pick up centres for a period exceeding a month from its available date will be auctioned off in order for the company to recoup the costs incurred in shipping and clearing the package in question.


We deliver free of charge to most areas in Trinidad, but reserve the right to refuse delivery if at any time we feel the company vehicle, driver or customer packages may be at risk. Our delivery hours are as follows:

Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Sundays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

If you choose the delivery option there are some rules that are to be adhered to, they are as follows:

  1. Customs must provide an up to date delivery address. Please be advised that you are only permitted ONE delivery address. 
  • On receipt of your items you must inspect the item in the presence of the 868 Packages representative to ensure that your items we received in good condition. If this is not done then we will not be able to accept responsibility for any damages of packages after its left in your possession.
  • If you would like to request to pick up an item that is out for delivery, we require at least a 24hr prior notification for us to facilitate this request. We cannot ensure the request can be facilitated if the proper notification is not given, this request must be made via email to our email address.
  • The acceptable payments methods for items on delivery are cash, linx and credit cards. Please be advised that we do accept cheques but on a conditional basis, please refer to the section on Acceptable Payment methods for more information.
  • Please be advised that we will only attempt delivery free of charge twice, after that the customer will have an option to either pick up the items at one of our two pick up centres or request the item on delivery at a special delivery charge of $75.00.




Your freight charge will be calculated by applying the actual weight of your items to its corresponding rate per pound as detailed in our Air rates schedule. E.g. if an item has a weight of 19 lbs the freight charge for that item will be as follows: 19 lbs x $ 20.46/lb. = $388.74


The fuel surcharge is based on a percentage of the freight charge ONLY and is 17% of the freight value of a given item. Therefore for an item weighing 19lbs with the freight cost of $388.74, the fuel surcharge will be calculated as follows: $388.74 x 17% = $66.09


These are charges placed on your items in accordance with the Customs & Exercise Laws of Trinidad and Tobago. We will be paying these charges on your behalf to clear your items and consequently have no influence over the figures charged by customs. Once your items are taxable meaning that they incur duty and vat charges they will incur taxes based on the discretion of customs, when being cleared, at the ports of entry. In an effort to assist us in ensuring that your items are cleared at the correct tax values we would like to advise you to ensure that they have accompanying invoices from your supplier. In instances where you are not convinced that your supplier has included an invoice with your items you can email us your invoice upon purchase of your items including your name and box I.D to ensure that your items are shipped with the correct invoice. N.B. Please be advised that if the invoices for your items are not emailed at the stipulated time given i.e. upon purchase, we cannot make any guaranties that your items will be shipped out with the invoice. Items that do not have accompanying invoices will be held until an invoice is made available.


Insurance charges will be applied to your invoices in accordance with the company’s insurance policies which were detailed earlier. Please refer to the insurance policy section for more information.


These are charges that are additional to the regular charges and are only applied to invoices under special circumstances:

Brokerage Charges will be applied to items that exceed the maximum values that are allowed to be cleared as a “Non-Trade” item with a given shipment. These items will have to be cleared separately as they will be bonded. Any item that has a value above US$3,000.00 or TT$20,000.00 will have to be cleared separately and as a result will have separate brokerage charges associated with it. The charge will normally be 10% of the invoice value; however this may be adjusted based on the brokers discretion if a situation arises.

Transport Charges whilst we offer free delivery for most items, if at any time we have to a deliver an item that we do not have the appropriate equipment to safely deliver, a third party may have to be contracted to do the delivery, this charge will be billed to the customer. In an instance such as this the customer will be informed and given an opportunity to make the pickup arrangements for the items, if they cannot we will then proceed to make the delivery arrangements and bill the customer accordingly.

Membership fee, we offer free membership.

Renewal fee, there is no renewal fees.

Storage Fees will be applied to all items that are left in the possession of 868 Packages for a period exceeding 14 calendar days after the items are available for pickup. This means that the rental charge of $20.00 per day, per item will be applied from the 15th day onwards from the date they were available for pick up. All outstanding fees must be cleared in full before any package is released to the customer. Additionally any item left in the possession of 868 psckages for a period exceeding 30 days will be auctioned off to recoup the cost to ship and clear the package.   


Reimbursement payments to customers will ONLY be made in company cheques for damaged items as detailed in the company’s insurance policy. Please be advised we will not be reordering or replacing damaged items but instead refunding the customer based on the amount paid for the item. Additionally we will not be held liable for any items found damaged that were not opened in the presence of an 868 Packages representative or items without signature confirmation as being received at our US warehouse by our company representative.


The following is a list of acceptable payment methods:

  1. Cash – On delivery or at our pick up locations
  2. Linx/Credit Card payments – Our delivery drives are equipped with the portable payment terminals for customer convenience and we do have payment terminals at both our pick up locations.
  3. Cheques – Please be advised that we will only accept personal cheques for amounts totalling at least $150.00 and at the most $1000.00. For Invoices totalling or in excess of $1000.00 the only cheque payments accepted will be manager’s or company cheques. If at any time we have returned cheques the customer will have to pay the amount outstanding in full in addition to a fee of $100, in cash, linx or credit card.


We reserve the right to terminate any customer’s membership if we feel that you have breached our terms and conditions or if we believe that your actions represent a threat to our company in anyway. Upon termination of your account you will be notified via email and there will be no prorated refunds for membership. The following are grounds for immediate account termination:

  1. Any form of unwarranted verbal or physical abuse against 868 Packages representatives. If you have any major issues we would prefer if your concerns are emailed and we guarantee they will be addressed within 24hrs.
  • Any fraudulent activities of any kind or any activities that are in contradiction to the laws of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Any breach of the terms and conditions set out in this agreement.
  • Any false declaration relating to the values or descriptions of items, which may have implications of any fines, penalties or charges brought up against the company. In an instance such as this, the company will not be held liable for any of the above mentioned fines, penalties or charges , they will be passed on to the customer in full.


Please be advised that Elite Freight Solutions will not be engaging in shipping items classified under the above headings.

The following is a list of restricted items:

1. Pets

2. Meats: Live poultry, Fish, Shrimp, Lobster, Crabmeat.

3. Coconut in all forms including coconut seedlings, copra, desiccated coconut, coconut milk, and       coconut cream (excluding Coconut oil).

4. Oilseed cake, meal, and other vegetable oil residues. Oilseeds, beans, nuts.

5. Animal oils, fats and greases, unrefined. Fatty acids and solid residues from the treatment of oils and fats. Vegetable fats.

6. Paper for wrapping tobacco or cigarettes.

7. Parathion, ethyl. Aldrin, Dieldrin and Endrin, 2, 4, 5_Trichlorophenyl (2, 4, 5_T), Dichlorodiphenyl, Trichloroethane (DDT). Chlordimeform, Dibromochloropropane (DBCP). Ethylene Dibromide (EDB), Pentachlorophenol (PCP), Lead Arsenate, Thallium and its salts.

8. Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) and mixtures containing Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS).

9. Equipment requiring the use of Ozone Depleting Substances – Air or Vacuum Pumps and Compressors and their parts, Dehumidifiers, Air Conditioning Machines/Units and their parts, Refrigerators / freezers and heat pumps and their parts.

10. Import of vehicles through VCL is not allowed, but as restriction listing – Used Vehicles: Right Hand Drive, Left Hand Drive, Right Hand Drive Garbage compactors exceeding 15 tonnes (15000 kg) MGW. Ship and boats (under 250 tonnes).

Please be advised that restricted items may not be limited to the above list, as it doesn’t not cover all items that may be classified as restricted.

The following is a list of Prohibited items:

  1. All forms of illegal drugs.
  2. Soil or dirt.
  3. Flammable or explosive items.
  4. Honey.
  5. All forms of pornographic material and paraphernalia.

The following is a list of items requiring special permits or license before they can be brought into the country:

  1. Firearms, Swords, Crossbows, Bow & Arrows, etc.
  2. Live Animals, Plants & Seeds.
  3. Automobiles.
  4. Fire Extinguishers.
  5. Two Radios or like devices.
  6. Air Conditions and all components related.
  7. Refrigerators and all components related.

The following is a list of items that may be classified as Hazmat, which we will not ship out unless the proper documentation is provided by the customer:

  1. Vehicle batteries.
  2. Any form of flammable liquids.
  3. Aerosol cans and items of similar nature.

All customer should be aware that Elite Freight Solutions reserves the right to alter or update the terms and conditions documented herein, upon any adjustments to any section of the outlined terms and conditions customers will be notified. Any adjustments to a specific area on the terms and conditions does not void or alter the entire agreement. The remaining sections will remain binding and enforceable and your continued use of the service will be considered as an acceptance of the terms set herein and any potential future adjustments that may be done. If at any time the customer cannot comply with the terms and conditions outlined, please send an email to the companies email address requesting that your membership be cancelled.

Thank you for taking the time to read our outlined terms and conditions for the use of our service and the accompanying guidelines, which we hope you found informative. We hope to be your freight forwarding choice, proving excellent service to you in the near future.